Model 7020 FB4

Ready-to-Install System - Model 7020

Ready to install window section for use in internal areas as a reception counter for the transfer of identity papers, access authorisation slips, documents, duty firearms etc.

The system consists of the following components:

Operation design

The operation and design of the slide-action transfer mechanism and intercom can be found in the individual brochures.
The casing and window frame are coated in shades covered by RAL trading standards.

Firearms protection

The complete installation conforms to the accident prevention regulations governing till counters and the criteria relating to firearms category M3/FB4.

Special design

Special dimensions and specific design requirements are possible within existing design parameters. The casing, window frame, counter section and slide-action transfer mechanism can be supplied in all shades covered by RAL trading standards. Please ask for an individual quotation.


After removal of the inner casing, the installation is slid into the opening in the wall from the customer’s side and is then re-secured to the inner casing. The window section comes supplied with a cable and merely requires a 220 V socket on the till side in close proximity to the counter.


Certifikate Mod.7020FB4